How To Find An Inmate In Jail In Canada

alberta prison inmate search

Canada does not have a platform to help people search if their loved ones have been incarcerated, and although this may be a good way to protect the privacy of inmates, it also makes it hard for their loved ones on the outside to know where these inmates are, and how to help them. Getting […]

How To Send Money To A Friend In Prison

transfer money to friend in prison

Sending money to a friend or family member in prison isn’t like the normal way it’s done in the outside world, there are guidelines you need to follow.  If you want to send money to an inmate to pay for expenses such as telephone charges, postage stamps, paper, pencils, toiletries, or snacks, such money must […]

How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health In Prison

care of mental health in jail

There’s nothing to be compared to being able to wake up in the morning, open your windows to gaze at the beauty of the morning sun, go out for a quick walk, come back to take your bath, shower and get started for the day. Sadly you don’t get to enjoy privileges as little as […]

How To Encourage And Support Friends In Prison

encourage friend in prison

This was one thing I used to shy away from doing or talking about in the past, until I realized that those people behind bars just like me were humans and required support. Here’s how it all stated. Growing up as a child in the U.S, I witnessed friends and some close family members being […]

How To Calculate Jail Time | Is One Day In Prison Counted As Two? | Prison Myths

day for day in prison

In my years of practice as a legal practitioner, I’ve never heard anything as absurd as the assumption above. If you didn’t know much law, you might have probably been among the bandwagon of people who are spreading this belief. You might want to excuse yourself by saying, oh! I never knew this assumption was […]

How To Visit An Inmate In Prison | All Your Questions Answered

inmate conjugal visits

Visiting an inmate for the first time is one that is filled with mixed feelings of what to wear, what form of identification to present to the guards, what to bring along as a gift, if kids are allowed in, and other random thoughts like that. With all these thoughts popping up in your head […]

How Does Inmate Transfers Work?

inmate jail transfer reclassification

Transferring inmates from one prison to another isn’t as simple as you may think. Inmates are not just placed in any prison facility to serve their sentence, there are due processes that must be followed before an inmate is housed in a prison. This process is known as “Receiving & Orientation” or “Classification” which is […]

Sending Books Letters Photos To An Inmate: What You Must Know

letters to friend in prison

Inmates are probably the most guarded set of people in the world, a tiny loophole in security measures provided by the prison could see hardened and dangerous walking freely on the streets.This is why there is a guide that contains all you need to know about sending items to inmates.  In this guide I’ll be […]

Getting A Degree While Incarcerated In Jail

inmate education degree

I have seen inmates learn various vocations and skills while serving their sentence in prison, but I didn’t think they can also get free education while locked up! Perhaps, you thought so too. However, over the years my perception about this has changed, as I have come across people who believe that inmates can actually […]

Sending A Gift To Someone In Jail | Holiday Package

how to send gift to prison

It’s about that time of the year when I believe you should send your inmate a holiday package at least to spice up their day and show them that you still care no matter the barrier. You might be asking: what is a holiday package? A holiday package (often referred to as a quarterly package) […]