Caddo Correctional Center, renowned for its commitment to justice and rehabilitation, stands tall as a beacon of correctional excellence. Nestled in the heart of Caddo Parish, this esteemed facility serves as a model institution in the field of corrections.

Situated amidst breathtaking landscapes and offering a secure environment, Caddo Correctional Center is dedicated to the rehabilitation and well-being of its inmates. With a profound understanding that every individual has the potential for positive change, the center employs a comprehensive approach towards their transformation.

At Caddo Correctional Center, a team of highly trained professionals ensures that each inmate receives personalized care and support. Through a range of evidence-based programs and interventions, individuals are empowered to address the root causes of their behavior and make significant strides towards personal growth and reintegration into society.

The facility boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, designed to facilitate the provision of a safe and secure environment for both staff and inmates. From modern surveillance systems to meticulously crafted architectural features, every aspect of the center is tailored to promote a sense of order and well-being.

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Moreover, Caddo Correctional Center places a strong emphasis on education and skill-building, recognizing that knowledge is a powerful tool for change. Inmates have access to a variety of educational programs, vocational training, and counseling services that equip them with the necessary skills to pursue meaningful employment upon release.

Furthermore, the center actively promotes community engagement and collaboration. Through partnerships with local organizations and initiatives, Caddo Correctional Center fosters a sense of belonging and encourages inmates to develop prosocial connections, preparing them for a successful reintegration into society.

Caddo Correctional Center’s commitment to transparency and accountability is unwavering. The facility maintains rigorous standards of conduct, ensuring that the rights and dignity of all individuals are upheld. Additionally, the center provides a platform for feedback and grievances, promoting an environment where concerns are addressed promptly and fairly.

In summary, Caddo Correctional Center stands as a shining example of a correctional institution dedicated to justice, rehabilitation, and community collaboration. By fostering personal growth, providing education and vocational opportunities, and ensuring a safe and secure environment, the center paves the way for positive change and successful reintegration of its inmates into society.

Can You Visit An Inmate At Caddo Correctional Center?

Yes, visitors are allowed to visit inmates at Caddo Correctional Center. The facility recognizes the importance of maintaining family and community connections during an individual’s incarceration, and visitation plays a significant role in achieving this objective.

To visit an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center, there are certain guidelines and procedures that must be followed. These measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of both visitors and inmates. Here is an overview of the visitation process:

  1. Scheduling: Visitors are typically required to schedule their visits in advance. Each inmate may have specific visitation days and times designated based on their classification and facility regulations. It is recommended to contact the correctional center or visit their official website to obtain information about the specific visitation schedule and any restrictions.
  2. Identification and Registration: Prior to the visit, visitors will need to provide valid identification, such as a driver’s license or government-issued ID, to register. This process helps verify the visitor’s identity and maintain a record of individuals entering the facility.
  3. Security Procedures: Upon arrival at Caddo Correctional Center, visitors will undergo standard security procedures, which may include metal detector screenings, bag checks, and possibly even drug detection measures. It is important to comply with these security protocols to ensure a smooth and efficient visitation experience.
  4. Conduct and Dress Code: Visitors are expected to adhere to a specific code of conduct during their visit. This includes following any rules regarding appropriate attire, maintaining respectful behavior, and refraining from engaging in any disruptive or illegal activities.
  5. Visitation Area: Once cleared through the security procedures, visitors will be directed to the designated visitation area. This area is typically set up to provide a supervised and controlled environment for visitors to interact with inmates. It may consist of individual booths with glass barriers or open communal spaces, depending on the facility’s layout.
  6. Duration and Limitations: The duration of each visit may vary depending on the facility’s policies. Visitors should inquire about any time restrictions or limits on the number of visitors allowed per inmate. It is advisable to make the most of the visitation time while respecting the rules and regulations set by the facility.

It is important to note that visitation policies and procedures can change, so it is recommended to contact Caddo Correctional Center directly or visit their official website for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding visitation rules, schedules, and any additional requirements.

Visitation Rules at Caddo Correctional Center

To ensure a safe and orderly visitation process, all visitors to Caddo Correctional Center must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Prohibited Items: Visitors are not allowed to bring knives, sharp objects, lighters, or tobacco products into the facility.
  2. Electronic Devices: Electronic devices, such as cell phones and tablets, are not permitted in the Main Lobby.
  3. Dress Code: Visitors must dress modestly and conservatively. Clothing that reveals genitals, buttocks, or breasts is not allowed. Specific guidelines include:
    • No halter tops or spaghetti strap tops.
    • All females must wear a bra.
    • No see-through clothing, including garments with holes or tears that reveal private areas.
    • Pants and shorts must be worn on the waistline, with no sagging.
    • No pajamas that reveal private areas.
    • No low-cut blouses.
    • Shorts and skirts must be worn at least two inches above the knees.
    • Skirt slits must start at least two inches above the knees.
    • All visitors must wear shoes. House shoes or slippers are not permitted.
    • Gang-affiliated clothing, hats, or shoes are prohibited.
  4. Accompanied Minors: Visitors aged sixteen (16) and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. Supervision of Children: Children must be under the supervision of an individual aged seventeen (17) or older with a valid state-issued ID or Driver’s License. Children should not be left unattended in the lobby, parking lot, or vehicles during visits.
  6. Identification Requirements: Visitors aged seventeen (17) and older must present a valid state-issued ID or Driver’s License. Proof of residency in the United States is also required. Acceptable forms of identification include:
    • United States Driver’s License
    • United States ID
    • Military Identification with independent information
    • Permanent resident card (green card)
    • United States passport
    • Foreign passport with a Visa or I-94 proof of United States residency
  7. Search Procedures: All visitors are subject to search upon entry to the facility.
  8. Probation or Parole Restrictions: Individuals on active probation or parole will not be permitted to visit.
  9. Sobriety: Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied visitation and may be subject to arrest.
  10. Conclusion of Visit: Once the visit is concluded, visitors are expected to leave the lobby area.
  11. Counting of Children: Children aged three (3) and older are counted as visitors.
  12. No Running or Playing: Children are not allowed to run or play in the lobby or housing unit visitation areas.
  13. Visit Frequency: Inmates are allowed only one (1) visit per day, including special visits.
  14. Extended Visits: Visitors traveling one hundred miles (100) or more may be granted thirty (30) minute visits. Proof of residency will be required.
  15. Abandoned Items: Any items left in visitor-accessible areas that are unclaimed within 10 days will be discarded.

Failure to comply with these visitation rules may result in visitors being banned from the facility or subject to criminal prosecution. The Watch Commander, Watch Sergeant, and/or Visitation Deputy have the authority to prohibit or ban any visitor.

It is essential for visitors to follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and secure visitation experience at Caddo Correctional Center.

What are the visiting hours At Caddo Correctional Center?

To ensure a smooth visit to your loved one detained at Caddo Correctional Center, it is important to familiarize yourself with the facility’s visitation guidelines. Here is the revised information:

Before planning your visit, ensure that you are on the approved visitation list of your loved one by contacting Caddo Correctional Center and verifying the status of your visitation request.

The visiting hours at Caddo Correctional Center are as follows:

As a visitor, there are certain requirements you need to meet. You must not have a felony record and should possess a valid and up-to-date government-issued identification. Visitors must be at least 16 years old, and if you are younger, you must be accompanied by a legal guardian to be allowed entry.

It is essential to familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts of inmate visitation at Caddo Correctional Center. Each inmate has a specific visiting day and time, which you should confirm with your loved one. The facility maintains strict rules to ensure security, including thorough searches of inmates before and after visits.

To comply with the facility’s regulations, visitors must dress appropriately as instructed. Valid identification must be presented during the visitation process. Nudity, illegal activities, and the possession of sharp objects, knives, tobacco products, lighters, and electronic devices are strictly prohibited. Food, drinks, and chewing gum are not allowed in the housing unit visitation areas. Visitors are required to wear shoes and must not wear clothing associated with gangs.

Children must be supervised by an individual who is 17 years or older and possesses a valid driver’s license or government-issued identification. It is important to adhere to these guidelines to avoid being banned from visiting an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center.

Please note that these rules are subject to change, and it is recommended to verify the visitation guidelines directly with Caddo Correctional Center to ensure compliance and avoid any inconvenience or restrictions.

Remote Visitation Information At Caddo Correctional Center:

To access the new remote video visitation service, you will need to establish an account with the provider, City Tel Coin. Please call them at (318) 746-1114 to set up your account. Once your account is created, you will be listed as a contact for each inmate you wish to communicate with. Please note that remote video visitation can only be used after creating an account with City Tel Coin.

Remote Visitation Schedule For Caddo Correctional Center:

Remote off-site visitation is available daily during regular visitation hours and has no daily limit.

On-Site Visitation Schedule At Caddo Correctional Center:

Inmates are permitted two (2) free visits per week using the video visitation stations located in the lobby of CCC. The visitation schedule is as follows:

Weekend visitation is not available starting from October 5, 2020.

Please note that on-site visitation is not allowed on public holidays.

By following these guidelines, you can utilize remote visitation services or visit inmates on-site at Caddo Correctional Center within the designated schedule and hours.

How To Find An Inmate At Caddo Correctional Center

To find an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center, you can follow these steps:

  1. Gather Information: Collect as much information as possible about the inmate you are searching for. This may include their full name, date of birth, and any other identifying details such as their inmate ID or booking number. The more accurate and specific the information, the easier it will be to locate the individual.
  2. Contact Caddo Correctional Center: Reach out to Caddo Correctional Center directly to inquire about the inmate. You can contact the facility’s main phone number or visit their official website for relevant contact information. Provide the details you have collected about the inmate and ask for assistance in locating their current status and whereabouts within the facility.
  3. Online Inmate Search: Many correctional facilities, including Caddo Correctional Center, provide online inmate search tools on their official website. Use these search functions to enter the inmate’s information and retrieve their current location and other relevant details. These online databases are typically updated regularly and can be a convenient way to find an inmate’s status quickly.
  4. Inmate Locator Services: There are also third-party websites and inmate locator services that can help you find an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center. These services often compile information from various correctional facilities and provide searchable databases. Keep in mind that some of these services may require a fee for access or provide limited information.
  5. Seek Assistance: If you are unable to locate the inmate through the above methods, you can seek assistance from Caddo Correctional Center’s staff or administration. They can provide guidance, access to additional resources, or direct you to the appropriate department that handles inmate information.

Remember to respect privacy and follow all applicable laws and regulations when searching for an inmate. It is essential to have a legitimate reason for seeking this information and to use it responsibly.

Caddo Correctional Center Inmates Search Procedure

If you have a family member or friend who has been detained at Caddo Correctional Center, you can utilize online resources to find information about their whereabouts. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Utilize the Caddo Correctional Center Locator: Begin your search by using the inmate locator tool provided by Caddo Correctional Center. This feature allows you to search for inmates currently held in their Louisiana facility. By entering relevant details, such as the inmate’s name, you can access the published list of detainees.
  2. Access the Inmate Aid Search: Another helpful online database is the Inmate Aid search. This resource is designed to assist individuals in accessing various inmate aid services. If you require assistance in creating an inmate profile or have specific inquiries, you can reach out to Caddo Correctional Center via email at [email protected]. Their team will strive to provide the support you need in finding the desired inmate.
  3. Consider Paid Services: If the aforementioned options do not yield the desired results, there are paid services available that can provide additional information. While these services may require a small fee, they often offer access to comprehensive arrest records. It’s important to note that immediate detainee information is typically available upon arrest, thus necessitating payment for such services.

Please remember to utilize these resources responsibly and respect the privacy and legal regulations surrounding inmate information.

Can I Phone An Inmate At Caddo Correctional Center?

Yes, you can typically make phone calls to inmates at Caddo Correctional Center. However, there are certain rules and procedures that must be followed. 

At Caddo Correctional Center, inmates have access to telephones during their designated recreation time, except during lockdown periods for operational and emergency procedures.

The phone service provider for inmates is City Tele Coin. To receive calls from an inmate, you will need to set up an account with City Tele Coin and provide the phone number(s) you wish to allow the inmate to call. You can contact City Tele Coin at (318) 746-1114 to set up the account and establish the necessary arrangements.

Here’s what you need to know about Phone Calls at Caddo Correctional Center:

  1. Inmate Phone System: Caddo Correctional Center utilizes an inmate phone system that allows inmates to make and receive calls. The facility has specific phone providers that handle the phone services for inmates. It is important to note that you cannot directly call the facility and be connected to an inmate. Instead, you must use the approved phone service provider.
  2. Establishing Contact: To initiate a phone call with an inmate, the inmate will need to add you to their approved call list. This process involves the inmate submitting your phone number for authorization. It is the responsibility of the inmate to request and add you to their approved contact list.
  3. Call Restrictions: Inmate phone calls may be subject to certain restrictions and limitations. These restrictions are in place to ensure the safety and security of the facility and may include limitations on call duration, frequency, or specific phone numbers that can be called. It is important to comply with these restrictions to avoid any disruptions or violations of facility rules.
  4. Phone Service Provider: Caddo Correctional Center will have a designated phone service provider that handles the inmate phone system. This provider will have specific procedures and rates for making and receiving calls. You may need to set up an account with the phone service provider, and there may be associated costs involved.
  5. Communication Guidelines: During phone calls with inmates, it is essential to adhere to the facility’s communication guidelines. This includes refraining from discussing illegal activities, using appropriate language, and respecting the facility’s rules and regulations. Violations of these guidelines may lead to the termination of phone privileges for the inmate.

It is important to note that specific phone call procedures and guidelines can vary between correctional facilities. To obtain accurate and up-to-date information about phone call policies at Caddo Correctional Center, it is recommended to contact the facility directly or visit their official website for detailed instructions and any associated costs.

You have the option to make phone calls to inmates at Caddo Correctional Center using a prepaid or debit account, which can help you manage and control the costs of your calls. By using these account cards, you can set a budget for the amount of money you are willing to spend on calls to your loved one who is detained at Caddo Correctional Center during a specific period. This allows you to have control over the expenses by determining the amount you load into your debit account.

There are various services available, such as Securus Inmate Debit and IC Solutions Debit Telephone Account, that enable you to deposit a specific amount of money into your prepaid or debit account. From this account balance, you can make calls to your inmate at Caddo Correctional Center.

It’s important to remember that all conversations you have with your loved one over the phone are recorded by Caddo Correctional Center. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution during your conversations to ensure that no incriminating information can be obtained from your voice or calls when communicating with your loved ones at Caddo Correctional Center.

At Caddo Correctional Center, it is important to be aware that all telephone calls made from the inmate telephones are recorded for security and monitoring purposes. However, there is a provision for attorneys who wish to have their phone numbers blocked from the monitoring system.

To request the blocking of their phone numbers, attorneys can send a formal letter on their official letterhead to Commander Rick Farris at the following address:

Caddo Correctional Center
P. O. Box 70110
Shreveport, LA 71137-0110

The letter should clearly state the attorney’s request to have their phone number blocked from the monitoring system. It is advisable for the attorney to provide their contact information and any additional relevant details to facilitate the processing of their request.

By sending this letter to Commander Rick Farris, attorneys can ensure that their conversations with their incarcerated clients remain confidential and are not subject to monitoring by the correctional facility. It is essential for attorneys to follow the necessary procedures and provide accurate and complete information in their request letter to facilitate the proper handling of their request.

Please note that specific guidelines and procedures may be subject to change, so it is recommended for attorneys to verify the current requirements for phone number blocking by contacting Caddo Correctional Center directly or referring to the facility’s official documentation.

Caddo Correctional Center Phone Number

Phone: (318) 677-5254

Sending a Mail To An Inmate At Caddo Correctional Center

To send mail to an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center, please follow these guidelines:

Address the Envelope: Write the inmate’s full name, booking number (if available), and the address of Caddo Correctional Center on the front of the envelope. The correct address is:

Inmate’s Full Name, Booking Number (if available)
Caddo Correctional Center
P.O. Box 70110
Shreveport, LA 71137-0110

  1. Include Your Return Address: Write your full name and return address on the top left corner of the envelope. This will ensure that the mail can be returned to you in case of any issues or if the inmate has been relocated.
  2. Follow Mail Restrictions: It is important to be aware of the facility’s mail restrictions and guidelines. In general, avoid sending any prohibited items such as cash, checks, explicit material, weapons, drugs, or any item that could pose a security risk. Each correctional facility has its own specific rules, so it is advisable to check below for Caddo Correctional Center’s official inmate mail guidelines
  3. Content Guidelines: When writing a letter to the inmate, it is essential to maintain appropriate language and content. Avoid discussing illegal activities, sensitive or confidential information, or any topics that may violate facility rules. Remember that all incoming mail is subject to screening and may be read by correctional staff.
  4. Use Plain White Paper: Write your letter on plain white paper using blue or black ink. Avoid using colored paper, stickers, or any additional attachments that may not be allowed.
  5. Be Patient: Keep in mind that mail delivery to inmates may take longer than regular postal service. It is advisable to allow ample time for the mail to reach the inmate and for them to respond.

By following these guidelines, you can send mail to an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center and maintain communication while adhering to the facility’s rules and regulations.

Caddo Correctional Center Mail Guidelines

When sending mail to Caddo Correctional Center, it is important to understand that all incoming and outgoing mail is thoroughly inspected to ensure the safety and security of the facility, staff, and inmates. To comply with the facility’s regulations, please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Approved Mail Format: Inmates at Caddo Correctional Center can only receive certain types of mail. Acceptable formats include unstamped or metered mail, as well as plain white postcards that are smaller than or equal to 4″ x 6″ in size. When writing, please use black or blue ink, or alternatively, you may use a pencil. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the mail being returned to the sender. If there is no return address provided, the mail will be stored in a locker until the inmate’s release.
  2. Prohibited Content: It is strictly forbidden to include any content in the mail that poses a threat to individuals within the prison or contains information related to incendiary devices, weapons, bombs, or methods of escape that could compromise the security of Caddo Correctional Center. Additionally, the mail should not promote violence, exhibit racial superiority, or discuss issues related to ethnic purity.
  3. Mailing Services: To facilitate the mailing process, you can utilize inmate mailing services such as Inmate Aid. These services automatically forward your mail to the inmate, and they have a proven track record of successfully sending thousands of mails without issues from correctional facilities.
  4. Greeting Cards: Greeting cards are a thoughtful way to celebrate birthdays and holidays. However, when sending greeting cards, ensure that they do not contain nudity or sexually suggestive material. Decorative elements like glitter, stickers, or excessive decoration are not allowed. Keep the cards simple and plain.
  5. Magazines and Books: You can send magazines and books to your loved one/inmate at the following address: 

When sending magazines and books, they must be sent directly from the publisher. It is not permissible to send magazines purchased from a store or other sources. Inside the magazine, you will typically find subscription cards that can be filled out with your inmate’s name, identification number, and the facility’s address. By completing and sending these cards, your inmate should receive the magazine in due time.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that your mail reaches your inmate at Caddo Correctional Center without any issues and in compliance with the facility’s regulations.

caddo correctional center inmate search

Caddo Correctional Center Inmate Mailing Address

The mailing address for Caddo Correctional Center is as follows:

Caddo Correctional Center
P. O. Box 70110
Shreveport, LA 71137-0110

When sending mail to an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center, it is crucial to ensure that the address is written accurately and includes all the necessary details. Here are some additional points to consider:

  1. Inmate’s Full Name: Include the full legal name of the inmate you are addressing the mail to. Make sure to use the correct spelling and avoid any abbreviations or nicknames.
  2. Inmate’s Identification Number: If you have access to the inmate’s identification number, it is advisable to include it on the envelope. This helps in accurately identifying the intended recipient and expedites the delivery process.
  3. Return Address: It is essential to provide a return address on the envelope. In case the mail cannot be delivered or there are any issues, having a return address ensures that it can be sent back to the sender or handled appropriately.
  4. Follow Mail Guidelines: When sending mail to Caddo Correctional Center, it’s important to adhere to the facility’s guidelines and regulations. These guidelines may include restrictions on the type of mail allowed, prohibited items, or specific formatting requirements. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines to avoid any complications or delays in the delivery of your mail.
  5. Use Appropriate Packaging: Ensure that your mail is securely packaged and appropriately sealed. Avoid using materials that may be considered prohibited, such as excessive tape or glitters. Follow any size restrictions specified by the facility, as oversized or bulky packages may not be accepted.

By following these guidelines and providing accurate information, you can increase the chances of your mail reaching the intended inmate at Caddo Correctional Center without any issues. It’s always recommended to double-check the address and consult the facility’s official website or contact them directly for any specific mailing instructions or restrictions.

If you have any inquiries regarding inmate mail, please reach out to the mailroom at (318) 677-5254 ext. 109. They can be contacted Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All correspondence intended for inmates must be addressed as follows:

Caddo Correctional Center
Inmate’s Name: ________________________
SO#: ________________________
JKT#: ________________________
P. O. Box 70110
Shreveport, Louisiana 71137-0110

Caddo Correctional Center Inmate Mail Prohibitions

Please note that the following items will not be accepted through the mail at CCC:

Starting from September 14, 2020, CCC will no longer accept book and magazine subscriptions. Subscribers are responsible for canceling any existing magazine subscriptions. Newspaper subscriptions will not be affected by this change.

The following items are allowed:

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure proper handling of inmate mail at Caddo Correctional Center.

Does Caddo Correctional Center have A Commissary?

Yes, Caddo Correctional Center does have a commissary where inmates can purchase various approved items. The commissary provides a range of products such as snacks, hygiene items, stationery, clothing, and other personal care items. Inmates can use funds from their personal trust accounts to make purchases at the commissary.

The availability of specific items may vary, and the prices are typically set by the correctional facility. Inmates are usually provided with a commissary catalog or list that outlines the items available for purchase and their corresponding prices.

It is important to note that there may be restrictions on the frequency and amount of purchases an inmate can make, as well as limitations on certain items that are not allowed for security or safety reasons.

If you have a loved one or friend who is incarcerated at Caddo Correctional Center and you wish to provide financial support or contribute to their commissary account, it is advisable to contact the facility directly to inquire about the procedures and options available for depositing funds.

At Caddo Correctional Center, inmates have access to a commissary where they can purchase miscellaneous items using their personal funds. To add money to an inmate’s commissary account, the following payment/deposit options are available:

  1. Cashier Machine: There is a cashier machine located in the main lobby of CCC. It accepts cash or credit cards. Any funds deposited through the cashier machine will be immediately credited to the inmate’s account and can be used right away.

Access Corrections: This service can be used online, through a mobile device, or by telephone. You have two options to access this service:

a. Online or mobile: Visit

  1. b. By telephone: Call (866) 345-1884.

Regardless of the deposit method used (phone, web, or lobby kiosk), there are two deposit limits:

  1. Internet Commissary Orders: This service allows you to purchase commissary items online or through a mobile device. Once you make a purchase, the selected items will be delivered to the inmate by a commissary staff member. To access this service, visit

City Tele Coin Tablet Accounts

Inmates at Caddo Correctional Center can enjoy various activities such as sending and receiving messages, listening to music, reading books, playing games, and more through City Tele Coin tablet devices. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Create a free account by calling City Tele Coin at (318) 746-1114.
  2. Deposit funds into the account.
  3. Connect with your loved one using the provided services on the tablet.

By utilizing these options, you can conveniently manage commissary accounts and stay connected with inmates at Caddo Correctional Center.

Inmate Accounts At Caddo Correctional Center

Inmates at Caddo Correctional Center refer to the facility’s commissary as their “canteen,” as it is where they can obtain essential household materials and items that are not provided by the prison. The canteen offers a variety of products that cater to the inmates’ needs, including hygiene products for women, magazines, writing utensils, and other necessary items.

The use of the inmate’s commissary at Caddo Correctional Center provides a secure and reliable means for inmates to receive money deposits sent by their loved ones. These funds can be sent through Western Union or MoneyGram and are deposited into the inmates’ commissary accounts. It is advisable to contact Caddo Correctional Center before sending any funds to an inmate to ensure their arrival and detention at the facility.

The canteen services are owned and operated by Caddo Correctional Center, allowing inmates to make purchases using their commissary accounts. These accounts can be funded by family and friends or through the wages earned by the inmates. Deposits can be made via kiosk, mail, the Internet, or by making phone calls to the facility’s designated executives. To send funds to an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center, it is necessary to contact the facility to obtain the inmate’s registered ID and full name.

The commissary offers a range of items for purchase, including shoes, snacks, food, shampoo, soap, razors, and other necessities that inmates may require.

In addition to the facility’s canteen, there are trusted and approved providers that offer online inmate commissary services. These providers share a portion of the sales revenue with the prisons and offer convenience for family and friends to support inmates. Some of these providers include Access Securpak, Walkenhorst’s, iCareGifts, Supply Direct, CareACell, among others.

How to Put Money in an Inmate’s Commissary Account at Caddo Correctional Center

When our loved ones are going through a period of being detained, one crucial way we can support them is by sending them money. It is a common occurrence worldwide to have family members or friends who are incarcerated in various prison facilities. These facilities often rely on external financial support.

Many essential items that inmates require are not provided to them as one might expect. Items like razors, toothbrushes, and even blankets for warmth must be purchased from the commissary. Inmates can also buy snacks, drinks, and other food items from the commissary. For those facing longer periods of detention, they can use the funds in their commissary account to purchase items such as MP3 players, small televisions, and radios.

There are different methods available for sending money to an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center. The process may vary depending on the state and type of prison facility where your loved one or inmate is being held. In some states, transferring $100 to an inmate could cost you around $120. Families who are vulnerable are often exploited by these additional charges, so it is important to choose inmate services wisely.

Inmates can use the money in their commissary account to make phone calls to their loved ones outside the prison. To send money for these calls, you will need to provide the inmate’s information accurately, including their full legal name, the name of the prison facility (in this case, “Caddo Correctional Center”), and the inmate’s ID number.

It is crucial to ensure that you can send money to an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center, as there may be restrictions or limitations. For example, there might be a maximum amount of money that can be deposited into an inmate’s account. It is important to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and limitations set by the facility to ensure a smooth transaction.

Does Caddo Correctional Center Have Healthcare Staff?

Yes, Caddo Correctional Center has healthcare staff to provide medical services and attend to the healthcare needs of the inmates. The facility recognizes the importance of maintaining the health and well-being of the incarcerated individuals. The healthcare staff at Caddo Correctional Center typically includes medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals. They are responsible for assessing and addressing the medical needs of the inmates, providing routine medical care, managing chronic conditions, administering medications, responding to emergencies, and coordinating with outside medical providers or specialists when necessary. The healthcare staff plays a crucial role in ensuring that the inmates receive adequate medical attention and appropriate healthcare services during their time of confinement.

Caddo Correctional Center maintains a dedicated team of security officers who are responsible for ensuring the proper behavior and conduct of the inmates. These officers employ constant supervision and employ various strategies to prevent prison disturbances and mitigate the need for medical interventions. While they do not carry weapons, they are equipped with non-lethal tools such as pepper spray to ensure the safety and security of the facility.

Surveillance cameras are strategically placed throughout Caddo Correctional Center to monitor activities and enhance security. These cameras provide comprehensive coverage, excluding areas such as shower facilities and individual inmate cells to respect privacy.

In cases where an inmate’s safety may be compromised, Caddo Correctional Center takes appropriate measures to safeguard them. This includes placing them in protective custody, ensuring their well-being and minimizing potential risks.

Caddo Correctional Center recognizes the importance of addressing the medical needs of its inmates. The facility provides healthcare services to meet their medical requirements, including the prescription and administration of necessary medications. The dedicated medical staff at Caddo Correctional Center plays a vital role in delivering healthcare services and ensuring the well-being of the inmate population.

How To Pay Bail For An Inmate At Caddo Correctional Center

To initiate the process of bailing out an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center, it is recommended to contact either the court or the correctional center directly. When speaking with them, inquire about the bail eligibility and gather important information by asking the following questions:

  1. Can the defendant be released on bail?
  2. What is the specific amount of bail required?
  3. Where should the payment be made?
  4. Are there any restrictions or specific times when bail cannot be posted?
  5. What payment methods are accepted, such as cash, money order, or credit card?

If the bail amount seems excessive or if you require legal assistance, it is advisable to consult with an attorney who can provide guidance and representation. Carl Barkemeyer is a reputable attorney who can assist you in navigating the bail process.

There are several options available for posting bail at Caddo Correctional Center:

  1. Cash Option: You can pay the full bail amount in cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Personal checks are generally not accepted. The bail amount varies depending on the offense committed and can range from $100 to $75,000 or more.
  2. Money Orders: Money orders can be obtained from MoneyGram, the Post Office, or Western Union. These can be used as a form of payment for bail.

It is important to note that individuals posting bail must be at least 18 years old and present a valid government-issued identification card. Accepted forms of ID include a passport, motor vehicle issued ID card, or driver’s license. In certain cases, if the defendant has the necessary resources, they may be able to post bail in cash directly from the jail.

If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions throughout the process, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from an attorney who specializes in criminal defense or bail matters. They can provide expert advice, guide you through the process, and address any concerns you may have.

Remember to act promptly and responsibly when posting bail, ensuring compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. By following the necessary steps and seeking professional help if needed, you can increase the chances of successfully bailing out an inmate at Caddo Correctional Center.

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