Jail Vs Prison: Read The Simple Difference

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If you ask an average Joe, What is the difference between a Jail and a Prison, they could probably say they are the same thing. Most times, people who are incarcerated, or people who have loved ones that are locked behind bars often are unable to tell the difference between a Jail vs Prison. In […]

How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health In Prison

care of mental health in jail

There’s nothing to be compared to being able to wake up in the morning, open your windows to gaze at the beauty of the morning sun, go out for a quick walk, come back to take your bath, shower and get started for the day. Sadly you don’t get to enjoy privileges as little as […]

Sending A Gift To Someone In Jail | Holiday Package

how to send gift to prison

It’s about that time of the year when I believe you should send your inmate a holiday package at least to spice up their day and show them that you still care no matter the barrier. You might be asking: what is a holiday package? A holiday package (often referred to as a quarterly package) […]

Prison Dating – Coping With A Loved One In Prison

relationship with an inmate

I’ve heard people say we found love in a hopeless place. While writing this article, it got me thinking; does one of these hopeless places include finding love in prison? Well, there is a chance that you can find love with that person behind bars because you feel they’re still worth a chance. And knowing […]

How To Survive Solitary Confinement While In Prison

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Being incarcerated in a prison is horrible, but what’s much worse is being in solitary confinement, one which is commonly referred to as prison inside of prison, a place where you are completely shut out of the world and locked up for about 23 hours in a day with the remaining one hour for taking […]

Ultimate Guide To Survive In Prison As An Inmate

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When you’re incarcerated for the first time, it is very difficult to come to terms that you’re no longer free to eat when you like, go out for a walk, go on a date and all that. Instead, you’re filled with the sadness of being locked up in a cell for a very long time. […]